USAID/Zambia Job Announcement-AID–002-18 Community Antiretroviral Therapy Advisor


OPEN TO:                         All Interested Candidates

POSITION:                       Community Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Advisor  

OPENING DATE:             October 10, 2017                         

CLOSING DATE:             November 3, 2017

WORK HOURS:               Full-time; 40 hours/week

SALARY RANGE:            FSN 11 - (ZMK 411,245.67 p.a. - ZMK 622,554.63 p.a.)

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Zambia is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of Project Management Specialist (Community Antiretroviral Therapy).


The Community Antiretroviral therapy (ART) Advisor is a senior-level FSN professional in the USAID/Zambia Health Office.  This position reports directly to the HIV/TB Division Chief, under the direction of the Health Office Chief and is an active participant on the United States Government (USG) PEPFAR team.   

The Community ART Advisor provides counsel and technical recommendations on behalf of the HIV/AIDS treatment program, and more specifically, provides technical and programmatic assistance in support of community ART activities that incorporate evidence based best practices in the design, implementation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of the USAID-supported HIV treatment program.  The Community ART Advisor is responsible for facilitating a community treatment portfolio that is smart and supportive, and works in close collaboration with the Health Office structure.

The incumbent serves as a key expert in developing results-oriented community ART standards/guidelines and policies.  S/he closely collaborates with Government of Zambia (GRZ) officials, consultants, the private sector, other donors and stakeholders in the development and implementation of community ART programs on behalf of USAID, ensuring the HIV/AIDS office has the necessary management and technical expertise, to successfully support this dynamic portfolio.  

The Community ART Advisor also conducts performance evaluations of treatment partners and carries out the monitoring and evaluation of projects with treatment activities.



I. Strategic and Technical Leadership                                                               35%

Provide leadership within the Mission in Community ART program development, implementation, and monitoring.  The individual selected for this position will frequently consult with senior counterparts of the Ministry of Health (MOH), Provincial Health Offices, Chiefs of Party, Directors of Health Institutions and Medical Research Councils.  Through these contacts the incumbent remains informed and up to date on community based treatment issues throughout the country, including new levels and trends in health conditions, status of key policies, and legal and regulatory changes that could affect the implementation of U. S. Government-supported Community ATR programs.

  • Provides senior/high-level technical advice to the Mission and Ministry of Health in HIV/AIDS with particular emphasis on Community ART by participating in strategic decision making, budget allocations, and project design and management;
  • Responsible for technical input into USAID’s strategic planning, PEPFAR Country Operational Plan, and other Presidential and Central initiatives;
  • Engages in donor meetings and other advisory committees to advise, comment, and participate in strategic decision affecting the HIV/AIDS treatment response in Zambia;
  • Actively participates in HIV/AIDS strategic planning with the MOH, other donors and partners, including regular participation in the national level HIV/AIDS technical working groups and related treatment committees as well as participating in periodic joint AIDS reviews;
  • Represents the U.S. Government in multilateral coordination efforts such as the Global Funds for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, including giving technical and strategic advice, and input to Global Fund Concept Notes, proposals and review processes;
  • Provides strategic direction and technical input to essential USAID Government and non-governmental partners on community treatment strategies, work plans, monitoring and evaluations;
  • Participates as a senior USAID/Zambia representative in national-level technical, programmatic and policy meetings and consultations related to HIV/AIDS Community Treatment activities, including meetings with potential partners, local conferences, working groups, launches and occasional international events;
  • Drafts talking points, assists with high-level visits and develops/updates briefing materials as they relate to HIV/AIDS Treatment activities; and
  • Other technical and representational duties as assigned.


II. Project Planning, Management, Monitoring and Evaluation                   30%

The Community ART Advisor serves as USAID’s source of technical and organizational leadership on the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of HIV/AIDS Community Treatment programs. S/he ensures that HIV/AIDS Community Treatment activities achieve their intended results.

  • Analytical assessment of the HIV/AIDS Community Treatment portfolio, the performance of partners, the available budget, the need for additional activities, and facilitation of new projects needed to achieve strategic objectives;
  • Leads or participates on each stage of project design for new activities, including drafting concept papers;
  • Ensures that Implementing Partners abide by their reporting requirements, including quarterly reports, trip reports, PMPs, annual reports, and other requirements such as PEPFAR reporting. This includes support supervision and guidance to other technical and support staff in the area of HIV/AIDS Treatment as needed;
  • Participates in routine USAID/Zambia Implementing Partners meetings to discuss the technical direction of the Community Treatment program;
  • Maintains a technical portfolio as a Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) and/or Activity Manager, which includes the review and approval of work plans, budgets, quarterly and annual reports, performance monitoring plans, monitoring activities through field visits and ensuring that financial reporting are submitted as required (will manage a $60 million five-year project);
  • Drafts reports and responses to USAID/Washington requests for information; and
  • In collaboration with the Monitoring and Evaluation Division, initiates and coordinates targeted analyses of HIV/AIDS Community Treatment data to generate trends and patterns which will inform planning and programming.


III. Financial Management                                                                                    25%

The incumbent works with the USAID Health Team to monitor the overall $150m in annual PEPFAR funding and any other funding that might come through to the Health Team, including the ACT funding in ensuring Community Treatment budgets are up to date, reprogramming is completed, and budgetary changes are well documented and approved by the HIV/TB Division Chief and Health Office Chief.

  • Ensures Treatment Technical Working Group members are appropriately informed of the COP Community Treatment budgetary ceiling and coordinates with other U.S. Government teams to confirm budget appropriations for their projects with treatment and multiple funding sources (including central funds);
  • Works with the Health Office to track HIV/AIDS Treatment activities in the areas of annual funding amounts, field support and management units;
  • Reports on budget allocation discussions for USAID/Zambia Community Treatment programs and makes recommendations to the Division Chief and Office Chief;
  • Monitors the HIV/AIDS Community Treatment budget through quarterly accruals and pipeline analyses; and
  • Actively participates in USAID/Zambia mission portfolio reviews and pipeline analysis.


IV. Coaching and Mentoring and Staff Support                                              10%

Develops annual work plan objectives, mentoring, participates in/receives professional feedback (where appropriate) and participation in annual performance reviews.

  • Works with the Health Office to determine training needs for the Community Treatment program while simultaneously identifying training and learning opportunities;
  • Ensures recognition of and compliance with national policies and guidelines, and recognition of the leadership role of USAID Health Office employees and the GRZ in the implementation of Community Treatment support activities; and
  • Works in a collaborative and instructional manner with members of the USAID/Zambia team with regards to the implementation and oversight of the HIV/AIDS Community Treatment program.



a.  Education:

Minimum of master’s degree in Public Health and in the field related to HIV/AIDS care and Treatment is required.

b.  Prior Work Experience:

At least five years of progressively responsible, professional experience in Public Health is required.

c.  Post Entry Training:

Post entry training will include technical and programmatic training as well as coverage of USAID established policies, procedures and regulations that govern: specific activity management, including monitoring and program assessment/evaluation and procurement systems.  Necessary post-entry training will be provided on-site or at regionally based facilities.  The post-entry training will specifically include Introduction to the Program Cycle (IPC), Program Design and Management (PDM), and COR/AOR training.   

d.  Language Proficiency:

Level IV (fluent) written and oral English proficiency is required.

e.  Job Knowledge:

An in-depth knowledge of the Government of the Republic of Zambia’s HIV/AIDS multi-sectoral response through the Ministry of Health (MOH), other line ministries, the National AIDS Council (NAC), the private sector and the community is required.  This includes a deep understanding of the strategies and modalities of development partner contributions to the development of Zambia’s HIV/AIDS response, as well as knowledge of the opportunities and constraints to Zambia’s HIV/AIDS treatment sector growth, and the roles the public and private sector play in its success. 

Knowledge and demonstrated strategic planning and management experience in public health programs, and the ability to identify new trends and challenges concerning treatment technical and programmatic issues and constraints, defining their parameters and innovative approaches to addressing the trends and challenges.  Required to understand and appreciate USAID’s strategic direction, its principal accomplishments and challenges in order to articulate the agency’s objectives.

f.    Skills and Abilities:

This position requires excellent communication and analytical skills, commitment to teamwork and transparency, and a high ability to exercise good judgment, discretion and patience.  The individual selected for this position will be flexible and possess the ability to accept and react to changing policy direction with professionalism and poise.  The incumbent will exercise considerable judgment in dealing with senior and mid-level professionals, partners, donors, local organizations and Implementing Partners.  S/he will establish and maintain and extensive range of contacts with ministerial and host government officials, including provincial and district level employees, and positively interact with individuals in both the public and private sectors. Ability to work both independently and within a team is required.



Subject to availability of funds, this will be a five-year contract, with an option to extend, depending upon continuing need of the services.


The position is classified at FSN-11 level.  The final salary of the successful candidate will be negotiated within that range depending on qualifications and previous earnings history.


Qualified candidates should send:

  1. A formal application letter or cover letter;
  2. A current CV;
  3. Photocopies of all professional certificates and degrees;
  4. A fully complete application form DS-174 (available online at; and
  5. Contact information for at least three professional references. 

SUBMIT ALL APPLICATION MATERIALS TO: (E-mailed applications required.)

The email subject heading must read:

Application: Project Management Specialist (Community Antiretroviral Therapy)  

Only short listed candidates will be contacted.



Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 3:00am

Last updated: October 31, 2017