OPEN TO:                        All Interested Candidates

POSITION:                       Clinical Prevention Specialist  

OPENING DATE:             October 10, 2017                         

CLOSING DATE:              November 3, 2017

WORK HOURS:                Full-time; 40 hours/week

SALARY RANGE:            FSN 11 - (ZMK 411,245.67 p.a. - ZMK 622,554.63 p.a.)

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Zambia is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of Clinical Prevention Specialist.


As the lead HIV Clinical Prevention Specialist, the incumbent will provide guidance, monitoring, and technical assistance to the USAID/Zambia Health Team.  The incumbent will provide high-level technical and programmatic assistance that incorporates evidence-based best practices in the design, implementation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of the clinically-based HIV prevention programming.  

The incumbent will work closely with counterparts in the Government of the Republic of Zambia Ministry of Health (MOH)/), the National AIDS Council (NAC), donors, cooperating partners, and other stakeholders in support of national-level health policies and strategies to reduce the spread of HIV and the socio-economic hardships associated with HIV/AIDS through clinically-based HIV prevention activities.  S/he will work with national programs supporting delivery of quality-assured HIV prevention interventions such as voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC), HIV testing and counseling (HTC), and the prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT).  The incumbent will promote and ensure proper integration of HIV/AIDS activities as appropriate.

In addition, the incumbent will provide technical assistance in other public health areas, such as women’s health, child health, nutrition, supply chain logistics, health systems strengthening, tuberculosis, malaria, and related existing or upcoming new initiatives, as assigned, or as need arises.



1. Award Management                                                                             35%

Monitor and manage USAID’s HIV clinical prevention portfolio of activities:

  • Serve as Contracting/Agreement Officer Representative (C/AOR)/Activity Manager for at least one large multi-year mission contract: Securing An AIDS-Free Era (SAFE), with an approximate amount of $150 million.  The project has a life span of five years and an annual burn rate of $30 million;
  • Provide technical and programmatic guidance and oversight of the project;
  • Review annual work plans and ensure compliance with the performance expectations;
  • Ensure that implementing partners are in compliance with all relevant USAID regulations and procedures. Based on personal observations, assessment reports, performance statistics and other available data, make programmatic recommendations;
  • Monitor progress towards results, including periodic field/site visits with implementing partners and other officials or staff, as appropriate;
  • Monitor budget utilization (pipeline and burn rate analysis; voucher examination and approval; and accruals);
  • Make recommendations for incremental funding;
  • Draft necessary program action documents (Implementation Letters, Action Memos, etc.);
  • Prepare reports needed for USAID and U.S. Government planning and reporting processes;
  • Ensure proper coordination of project activities with other related activities done by other cooperating or implementing partners;
  • Ensure recognition of and compliance with national policies and guidelines, and recognition of the leadership role of the GRZ in the implementation of activities;
  • Ensure adequate integration and/or coordination with activities undertaken by the MOH and NAC, at the national, provincial and district level as may be applicable;
  • Ensure sound management structures within the projects managed for appropriate staffing, technical direction, and coordination with other partners;
  • Ensure that US funded projects have technical and programmatic approaches that lead to achieving results and sustainability of activities; and
  • Since each program works in an integrated environment, ensure appropriate integration and interaction with activities funded from different funding streams.


2. External Technical Assistance                                                            30%

Coordinate USAID Zambia’s HIV/AIDS clinical prevention portfolio with the GRZ, and related stakeholders.

  • As a technical expert, establish and work closely with senior-level counterparts in the Ministry of Health, and the National AIDS Council, cooperating partners and related stakeholders to advance clinically-based HIV/AIDS prevention activities in the country as per key national policies, strategies, and guidelines;
  • Ensure that the Health Team is actively represented and provides key technical input at key forums, working groups and steering committees;
  • Represent USAID in national and international policy, strategic, technical, and management working groups and meetings;
  • Ensure that HIV/AIDS clinical prevention activities are closely linked with tuberculosis care, given the synergies between TB and HIV;
  • Advocate for and promote integration of clinically-based HIV/AIDS prevention activities with other related activities, particularly HIV treatment, maternal health, adolescent health, child health, and family planning;
  • Assure that clinically-based HIV/AIDS prevention activities are also closely integrated with other related activities such as, malaria, nutrition, tuberculosis and gender.
  • Serve as the U.S. Government representative on and increase participation in Technical Working Groups related to clinically-based HIV/AIDS prevention.


3. Internal Technical Assistance and Policy Compliance                  35%

Interface within USAID/Zambia and with USAID/Washington on the clinically-based HIV/AIDS prevention portfolio.

  • Provide technical support and recommendation to the USAID Zambia Health Team regarding clinically-based HIV prevention investments and future programming, including design and modification of program activities, determination of program direction, monitoring and evaluation, and corrective action thereafter;
  • Lead all Health Team activities related to clinically-based HIV/AIDS prevention with particular emphasis on counseling, and testing, VMMC, and PMTCT;
  • Lead legislative and policy compliance, including monitoring and documentation efforts for USAID’s clinically-based HIV/AIDS programming;
  • Ensure appropriate coordination between the Health Team and other relevant teams for efficient and effective programming of clinically-based HIV prevention programs;
  • Work closely with Health Team colleagues, particularly the Family Planning and Maternal Neonatal and Child Health Advisor, Child Health Advisor, Family Planning Advisor, and Social Protection Division Chief to avoid duplication of efforts, find synergies in the activities being undertaken and promote efficiencies in program planning and implementation;
  • Advise the Health Office and USAID on HIV/AIDS technical and programmatic issues and activities;
  • Actively participate in; PEPFAR Interagency activities such as preparation of Country Operation Plan (COP), Implementation, Monitoring, Evaluation and results reporting.
  • Provide technical leadership, strategic direction, and coordination to the Health Team, USAID, the wider U.S. Zambia PEPFAR Team, host government counterparts, donors, and U. S. Government implementing partners on clinically-based HIV/AIDS prevention; and
  • Assist the Health Team in strengthening programming of improved technical and managerial initiatives.



a.  Education:

Minimum of a master’s degree in Public Health, Epidemiology, Health Promotion or HIV/AIDS is required.

b.  Prior Work Experience:

A minimum five years’ experience managing public health programs, particularly in areas of HIV/AIDS care and treatment or public health is required.

c.  Post Entry Training:

Post entry training will include technical and programmatic training and coverage of USAID established policies, procedures, and regulations that govern: specific activity management, including monitoring and program assessment/evaluation and procurement systems.  Necessary post-entry training will be provided will specifically include Introduction to the Program Cycle (IPC), Program Design and Management (PDM), and COR/AOR training.

d.  Language Proficiency:

Level IV (fluent) written and oral English proficiency is required.

e.  Job Knowledge:

Thorough knowledge of the concepts, principles, techniques and practices of clinically-based HIV/AIDS prevention; Demonstrated knowledge in strategic planning and management experience in managing public health programs; Ability to quickly identify new technical and programmatic trends and challenges regarding clinically-based HIV/AIDS prevention activities and define their parameters, and develop innovative conceptual approaches to address the trends/challenges.

f.  Skills and Abilities:

The position requires excellent communication and analytical skills, commitment to teamwork and transparency, and a high ability to exercise good judgment, discretion, and patience.  S/he should be flexible and possess the ability to accept and react to changing policy direction with professionalism and poise. 

The incumbent will exercise considerable judgment in dealing with senior and mid-level professionals, partners, donors, local organizations and Implementing Partners.  S/he will establish and maintain and extensive range of contacts with ministerial and host government officials, including provincial and district level employees, and positively interact with individuals in both the public and private sectors.  Ability to work both independently and within a team is required.



Subject to availability of funds, this will be a five-year contract, with an option to extend, depending upon continuing need of the services.


The position is classified at FSN-11 level. The final salary of the successful candidate will be negotiated within that range depending on qualifications and previous earnings history.


Qualified candidates should send:

  1. A formal application letter or cover letter;
  2. A current CV;
  3. Photocopies of all professional certificates and degrees;
  4. A fully complete application form DS-174 (available online at; and
  5. Contact information for at least three professional references. 


SUBMIT ALL APPLICATION MATERIALS TO: (E-mailed applications required.)

The email subject heading must read:

Application: Clinical Prevention Specialist  

Only short listed candidates will be contacted.



Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 3:15am

Last updated: October 31, 2017