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Transforming Lives

Ageleh works at the Temple of the Winged Lions and has earned enough money to send two of her children to university.

Ageleh Al Jmeidi is in many ways the matriarch of the site that has become home to a USAID project that helps train local community members in archaeological conservation and preservation, with the ultimate aim of providing sustainable economic opportunities.

Nelia Banda taking inventory at her store in Petauke, Zambia

In rural communities across Zambia, small-scale farmers have faced ongoing difficulty increasing their yields and turning a profit. The primary problem is that local farmers are unskilled in commercial farming practices.

Improving learner performance through early grade reading

Mwamba Nsebula is also a village headman in the Mporokoso district in Northern province, whose passion for helping students has only grown throughout his lifetime. In 1987, Nsebula began helping students in his village pay for their school tuition and, in 2012, he established a community literacy nsaka, or meeting place, which has now become a vibrant community literacy center.

Mrs. Sibanda and Chipo

In the remote village of Chitanda in Zambia’s Central Province, two-year-old Chipo, is learning to walk. This event is remarkable, given the challenges of her young life.

Nursing teacher Winfrida Kwesha lectures at the Kasama School of Nursing, which provides an incentive package to support them.

Elson Muulu is the principal teacher at the Kasama School of Nursing, in Zambia’s Northern Province. He manages the school, which currently serves 150 nursing students, and teaches together with four others.


Last updated: April 19, 2017

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