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September 28, 2016


OPEN TO:               All Interested Candidates

POSITION:              Administrative Assistant/Chauffeur   

OPENING DATE: September 12, 2016

CLOSING DATE:   September 30, 2016

WORK HOURS:     Full-time; 40 hours/week

SALARY RANGE:  FSN-8 (ZMK 154,798.58 p.a. - ZMK 242,121.75 p.a.)


This position is located in the newly-created provincial office of USAID/Zambia.  The incumbent will be responsible for day-to-day secretarial, administrative, logistical, and chauffeur support to the Provincial Team.  The Administrative Assistant is supervised by the Senior Technical Advisor.


September 28, 2016


Job Announcement No. AID – 016 -16

OPEN TO:                         All Interested Candidates

POSITION:                       Senior Technical Advisor   

OPENING DATE:           September 12, 2016

CLOSING DATE:            September 30, 201

WORK HOURS:              Full-time; 40 hours/week

SALARY RANGE:           FSN-11 (ZMK 347,426.09 p.a. - ZMK 539,664.14 p.a.)



This position is located in the newly created Provincial Office.  The Senior Technical Advisor oversees the technical and managerial functions of the office.  The provincial office will comprise a total of four (4) individuals, including a Technical Advisor, Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor, and an Administrative Assistant/ Chauffeur.

The Senior Technical Advisor will serve as the main U.S. Government liaison to the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) and other key stakeholders in the province.  The Provincial Medical Officer (PMO) and the District Community Medical Officers (DCMOs) will be the core GRZ contacts for the Advisor.  The incumbent will also support technical leadership and coordination with the Clinical Care and the Communicable Diseases sections within the Provincial Health Office (PHO).  In addition, s/he will organize and lead quarterly coordination meetings with the GRZ and U.S. Government partners to ensure collaboration of activities to minimize overlap and to convey USAID and PEPFAR priorities for programming.  The Advisor will extend this support to priority districts within North-Western and Luapula provinces.

Under the direction of the Decentralized Services Division Chief and the Health Office Chief, the Senior Health Advisor will communicate key USAID/U.S. policies and requirements to the districts and province, and will communicate back to the Health Office the key challenges and successes.

The incumbent will oversee and coordinate government-to-government (G2G) activities within the province.  S/he will work at a senior level in a high-priority program, possessing significant technical knowledge, in-depth proven track record of positively influencing G2G collaboration, and an ability to function independently in a highly demanding, frequently changing environment.

The Senior Technical Advisor will report to the Decentralized Services Division Chief.  Because of the close collaboration with the PHO to better integrate the USAID-supported activities into the other provincial health activities, the Advisor will also report on the integrated work plan to the PMO.

The position will include extensive travel within the three provinces (approximately 35% of the time), meeting with the DCMOs and other leadership on project coordination and other issues.

August 29, 2016

This handbook provides a brief overview of the current and recently culminated activities associated with the USAID mission in Zambia.

USAID/Zambia’s program focuses on:

  • Improving the health of Zambians;
  • Reducing the incidence and impact of HIV/AIDS;
  • Raising the quality of basic education;
  • Increasing agriculture-led economic growth to reduce rural poverty
  • and food insecurity;
  • Mitigating climate change and protecting the environment; and
  • Enhancing democratic governance.
Photo of Chargé d’Affaires and USAID Mission Director, Dr. Michael Yates, delivers remarks and introduces Martin Luther King
July 14, 2016

I am delighted to join the National Democratic Institute and the young leaders who have gathered here in Lusaka for this Youth Political Conflict Mitigation Workshop.   And we are indeed privileged to have with us today Mr. Johnny Mack, who leads Communities Without Boundaries, Dr. Keith Jennings of NDI, a long-time friend of the Zambian people and government, and of course Mr. Martin Luther King III.

USAID/Zambia Mission Director delivers remarks during the inauguration of two sites for Zambia’s Scaling Solar Program
May 7, 2016

The United States Government has been pleased to intensify its efforts with the Government and people of Zambia to increase energy generation and access through clean, renewable energy.  We believe the Industrial Development Corporation, or IDC/IFC Scaling Solar program offers an excellent example, and one we have been pleased to support under Power Africa.  U.S. President Obama announced the Power Africa initiative in 2013.


Last updated: December 05, 2016

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