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December 2, 2016

USAID/Zambia Natural Resources Management Specialist Job Announcement No. AID – 020 -16

OPEN TO:                        All Interested Candidates

POSITION:                       Natural Resources Management Specialist  

OPENING DATE:             December 2, 2016

CLOSING DATE:              December 30, 2016

WORK HOURS:                Full-time; 40 hours/week

SALARY RANGE:             FSN-11 (ZMK 358,249.66 p.a. – 550,577.88 p.a.)

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Zambia is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of Natural Resources Management Specialist in the Economic Development Office.


The Natural Resources Management Specialist is a senior technical advisor and assistance manager on science and conservation of biodiversity, species and ecosystems, national protected areas, and flora and fauna under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.  As a member of the Economic Development Office’s (EDEV) Environment Team, the Specialist conducts analysis and ensures good knowledge management; identifies assistance needs; advises USAID management, implementers, and counterparts; designs programs; manages assistance; and represents USAID externally, including to the public, the private sector, NGOs, other USG agencies, and international organizations.  

The Specialist’s counterparts include governmental policy makers (e.g., Department of National Parks and Wildlife, Department of Forestry), managers of natural resources, and other technical experts. The majority of the Specialist’s responsibility will involve managing assistance agreements with implementing partners.

December 2, 2016



ISSUANCE DATE:                    December 2, 2016

CLOSING DATE AND TIME:    December 30, 2016; 5p.m. Lusaka

POSITION TITLE:                     Development Outreach and Communications Specialist, Resident Hire Personal Services Contractor (PSC)

MARKET VALUE OF POSITION:  The position’s duties and responsibilities are equivalent of a GS-10, ranging from $47,158.00 to $61,306.00 per year.  Final compensation will be based on individual’s salary and work history, experience, and educational background, not to exceed the GS-10 level.

PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE:  One year from date of appointment with an option to extend for up to four additional years.

PLACE OF PERFORMACE:      Embassy of the United States of America, Lusaka, Zambia

SECURITY ACCESS:                 Basic


October 21, 2016


OPEN TO:    All Interested Candidates

POSITION:    Project Management Assistant  

OPENING DATE:   October 25, 2016

CLOSING DATE:   November 11, 2016

WORK HOURS:      Full-time; 40 hours/week

SALARY RANGE:   FSN-8 (ZMK 168,538.38 p.a. – 264,101.46 p.a.)

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Zambia is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for the position of Project Management Assistant in the Health Office. 


The Project Management Assistant will provide programmatic, communications, and administrative support to the Health team.  S/he will be responsible for data collection, analysis, management, and interpretation for health programs, tracking and collecting project information, and assisting in monitoring performance against budgets and indicators.

The incumbent will draft and prepare necessary project documentation for activities, apply communications expertise (e.g. conducting web-based outreach, creating program profiles, summarizing lessons learned from data/research findings, and utilizing multi-media applications, such as social media, blogs, photography, and video streaming) to assist the Health Team in communicating successes broadly and sharing results to specific audiences.

S/he will also support the Administrative Assistant to manage permanent and electronic records, finalize agendas and schedules for high level visitors, and support assessments, evaluations, portfolio reviews, and other events, as needed.

October 20, 2016


Job Announcement No. AID – 018 -16

OPEN TO:                         All Interested Candidates

POSITION:                       Senior Finance and Budget Advisor FSN-12

OPENING DATE:             October 21, 2016

CLOSING DATE:              November 11, 2016

WORK HOURS:                Full-time; 40 hours/week

SALARY RANGE:             FSN -12 (ZMK 490,014.97 p.a. - 766,736.89 p.a.)                                


The Senior Finance and Budget Advisor is responsible for developing and managing Government-to-Government financing agreements.  The incumbent provides guidance to Zambian Government counterparts on USAID financial management processes, managing the strategic budget for all Health Office activities, including PEPFAR, Saving Mothers Giving Life, and Presidential Malaria Initiatives.

Successful implementation of these responsibilities requires:

Tracking financial commitments and obligations to the Zambian Government, Implementing Partners, and other donors; maintaining information in budget systems throughout the planning and reporting processes; and developing and maintaining budget tracking instruments that support the sound budget monitoring.  S/he interprets guidance on the Country Operational Plan, Health Investment Plan, and Malaria Operational Plan through a strategic approach in a manner that makes information readily available to the Health Office Team Lead and facilitates resource requests and allocations.  The incumbent will also manage obligation of funds using (GLAAS) and the Field Support Database.

The position requires strong communication and leadership skills in addition to the required technical skills, knowledge, and understanding of accounting principles, theories, practices, and terminology.  The Senior Finance and Budget Advisor reports to the Health Office Team Leader.

September 28, 2016


Job Announcement No. AID – 013 -16

OPEN TO:               All Interested Candidates

POSITION:              Technical Advisors FSN-11

OPENING DATE: September 12, 2016

CLOSING DATE:   September 30, 2016

WORK HOURS:     Full-time; 40 hours/week

SALARY RANGE:  FSN-11 (ZMK 347,426.09 p.a. — 539,664.14 p.a.)                               


This position is located in the newly-created USAID/Zambia Health Provincial Offices.  The Technical Advisor position provides expert technical oversight and support at the site level (facility, community, district, and province) as needed to improve implementation of USAID-funded U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) activities.  The incumbent will review program level implementation plans, and track overall progress in improving health status over time.  S/he may be designated as Agreement or Contracting Officer Representative (A/COR) or Activity Manager for select USAID awards and government-to-government (G2G) agreements.  S/he will support the technical staff serving as A/CORs from Lusaka and will review and monitor work plans and performance monitoring plans and provide timely feedback to the A/COR. 



Last updated: December 02, 2016

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