USAID/Zambia Partners in Development Handbook - June 2021

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USAID believes that the purpose of foreign aid is to end the need for its existence. With a staff of over 100 professionals managing investments of over $300 million annually, USAID is committed to working with Zambia on its specific development journey.  This handbook provides a brief overview of the current and recently culminated activities associated with the USAID mission in Zambia.

USAID/Zambia’s 2019–2024 Country Development Cooperation Strategy aims to advance Zambia’s journey to self-reliance and make progress toward the ultimate objective of ending Zambia’s need for development assistance. USAID will partner with the Zambian government, civil society and private sector to advance the country’s self-reliance through more effective development choices and governance, enterprise-driven economic growth, and increased resilience among its vulnerable citizens.USAID assistance in Zambia focuses on: (1) effective, citizen-responsive governance; (2) rural poverty reduction and sustainable natural resource management; (3) utilization of quality health, water and sanitation, and social protection services; and (4) primary education quality.

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Saturday, March 27, 2021 - 7:45am

Last updated: July 29, 2021