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Women get a chance to learn useful skills at summer camp

“I never had the chance to go to school when I was a kid” says, Om Ali Abdullah, a 40-year-old Yemeni mother. “I don’t even know what a school looks like... my 15 year old daughter, Intisar, had to leave school after the third grade.

Mohamed Ahmed Alawili (left) and a local USAID-funded agricultural support program's extension agent proudly display a quadruple

In the five months that Mohamed Ahmed Alawili and Hassan Al-Mogahed have been working with livestock extension agents from a USAID agricultural support program in Yemen’s Amran governorate, they have witnessed firsthand the benefits USAID is providing to farmers in the country.

Balagh Ahmed Abdullah learns to weave a traditional Yemeni "ma'awez" in a USAID- funded training program.

When Balagh Ahmed Abdullah first heard of the training the Hawa Charity Association for Women offered on weaving the traditional Yemeni “ma’awaz” (skirt-like garments worn by men), she felt as if the “sky had opened a window of mercy” for her and her family.

A participant in a USAID-coordinated training on basic animal health care, hygiene and husbandry, Aminah Ghalib Mofhel now earns

Aminah Ghalib Mofhel has made good use of the veterinary training she received as part of a USAID-funded agricultural support program. The program aims to enhance livestock farming practices that increase production, market opportunities and employment in rural areas.


Last updated: December 09, 2016

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