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Transforming Lives

Summer Connections participants gather to learn new skills, plan future goals and play sports.

All around Yemen in the evening, the electricity often goes out and the country’s teens and young adults are left idle with few productive activities or social diversions. Yemeni youth, like youth anywhere in the world, crave achievement for their own futures. Without outward signs of opportunity, big dreams about the future will fade.

Young Yemenis engage listeners in a discussion about the future of their government and nation.

Since popular uprisings in Yemen in 2011, the country has been undergoing a political transition.

Children with hearing and speech disabilities face daily struggles in schools unable to meet their specialized education needs

Although the Government of Yemen is a signatory to the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, those with hearing and speech disabilities still face exclusion and limited access to public services and government resources available to other members of society, including public education.

Neglected for 20 Years, Yemen Hospital Gets a Fresh Start

Today as Dr. AbduSamad Abu Taleb walks the halls of the Al Rawdah Hospital, he can finally smile. After 22 years as the hospital manager, he is seeing the buildings and equipment get an upgrade thanks to a USAID-funded renovation of his Sana’a-based hospital.

Students of the Khadijah School are now enjoying their newly renovated school

During the 2011 political crisis in Yemen, militants seized control of the southern governorate of Abyan. Many of them set up camps in schools, particularly in the capital, Zingibar.


Last updated: December 09, 2016

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