USAID Yemen Governance, Peace and Stability Fact Sheet

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A meeting organized by Yemen Communities Stronger Together (YCST) to strengthen cooperation and collaboration between local authorities
A meeting organized by Yemen Communities Stronger Together (YCST) to strengthen cooperation and collaboration between local authorities
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USAID is working with communities to peacefully resolve conflicts and reinforce social cohesion in Yemen.

Yemen is suffering the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, exacerbated by ongoing conflict. USAID development assistance in Yemen bridges the relief-to-development continuum and strengthens Yemen’s resiliency through programs that stabilize the economy, rebuild basic education and health systems, increase social cohesion, and improve water sector access and management.

USAID’s Response and Expected Results

The conflict in Yemen poses enormous challenges to a negotiated resolution. The resulting destruction of infrastructure, livelihoods, and social services has weakened the resilience of Yemen’s communities and governance systems. Solving the security, economic, political, and social issues facing Yemen will require strengthening community-level capacities to identify and address grievances, reinforce social cohesion, and promote peaceful conflict resolution.

USAID’s Yemen Communities Stronger Together (YCST) program uses the participatory action for community enhancement (PACE) model to identify and support local-level initiatives that mitigate conflict, strengthen social cohesion, and promote the peaceful resolution of differences. PACE utilizes a step-by-step framework for building the resilience of community members, civil society organizations, the private sector, traditional leaders, and local government officials to collaboratively identify and address local issues through conflict mitigation and service delivery projects. YCST also trains formal and informal leaders, organizations and networks to serve as neutral arbitrators and peace-builders to meet community and constituent needs. Through a small grants mechanism, 24 grants totaling $862,194 were awarded as of March 2021 to community-based Yemeni nongovernmental organizations to raise  awareness of problems faced by marginalized groups and promote social cohesion. Future grants will support engaging youth in community and civic life; building unity and tolerance across historical or other divides; promoting innovative tools to reconnect communities and reignite pride in commonalities; and amplifying women’s participation in community peace-building and/or service delivery.

Last updated: October 04, 2021

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