USAID Yemen Activities at a Glance

Humanitarian assistance is critical in Yemen, but on its own will not prevent the collapse of key social and economic institutions, stem the tide of conflict, or build Yemen’s resilience to future shocks. For this reason, in 2017 USAID relaunched its development assistance program in Yemen to help put the country on a path to recovery and ultimately to end the need for foreign assistance. USAID works with international and local partners to address the underlying causes of instability. Our work focuses on improving the full spectrum of Yemeni systems and institutions, government, civil society, private sector, and communities, to help lay a foundation for durable peace and resilience.

Economic Recovery and Livelihoods Program (2020-2023)
Strengthens capacity of key economic institutions, facilitates flow of commercial and humanitarian goods and services through Yemen’s borders and ports, and supports small and medium-sized enterprises to improve fish and farm productivity and establish linkages to domestic and international markets.
Implementing Partner: The Pragma Corporation

Yemen Basic Education/Emergency Crisis Response Project (2016- 2020)
Supports access and re-entry to basic education.
Implementing Partner: United Nations Children's Fund

Food Assistance to Support School Education (2018-2020)
Provides school meals to students and safe classroom environments to increase school attendance.
Implementing Partner: World Food Program

School Doors: Improving Access to Quality Education in Yemen I and II (2018-2021)
Supports the provision of safe and quality non-formal education opportunities at all levels that meets the complex learning needs of crisis-affected out of school children and youth.
Implementing Partners: International Rescue Committee and Save the Children

Gateway to Education (2019–2024)
Supports a strengthened, resilient education system to provide safe and equitable access to quality formal education for Yemeni children.
Implementing Partner: Save the Children

Yemen Communities Stronger Together (2018-2022)
Supports local-level initiatives that mitigate conflict, strengthen social cohesion, promote the peaceful resolution of differences, and, where feasible, capitalizes on stabilization opportunities in Yemen.
Implementing Partner: Global Communities

Strengthening Family Planning Services in Yemen (2018-2021)
Provides family planning training to health providers and ensures a choice of methods is available in targeted health facilities.
Implementing Partner: Save the Children

WHO Polio Surveillance (1997-2022)
Supports World Health Organization to detect polio outbreaks in Yemen.
Implementing Partner: World Health Organization

Yemen Systems, Health and Resiliency Project (2019–2022)
Improves maternal and child health outcomes and strengthens health system.
Implementing Partner: John Snow, Inc.

H2O Yemen: Addressing the Underlying Issues of Limited Access to Water and Sanitation I and II (2018-2021)
Targets vulnerable populations to improve their access to adequate water and sanitation systems and increases awareness and knowledge on hygiene practices.
Implementing Partners: CARE and Relief International

Yemen Continuous Learning and Evaluation (2020-2025)
Provides robust, in-country oversight of USAID development activities implemented in Yemen.
Implementing Partner: Management Systems International, Inc.


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