Flag of Yemen

Democracy and Governance

man in Yemen shows ink-stained finger
A man shows he voted in Yemen’s most recent presidential election with his inked thumb.

Yemen is currently undergoing a political transition brought about by popular uprisings in 2011. The transition government and the Yemeni people are working to make their political system more democratic. To support them, USAID is actively assisting the transitional government and the Yemeni people to rewrite the country’s constitution, carry out a national dialogue in which the voices of all Yemenis are represented, reduce government corruption, and prepare for free and fair presidential and parliamentary elections, which are scheduled for February 2014. USAID is also assisting Yemeni civil society organizations – including those representing youth and women – to advocate for reforms contributing to political transition.

Our impacts in this sector include:

  • Training for more than 1,800 government officials in policy formulation issues.
  • Training for more than 2,000 youth in leadership, civic engagement and life skills.
  • Providing assistance during the transition to a new government, including election and anti-corruption assistance and organizing community groups to ensure their voices are heard. 

Last updated: June 01, 2018

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