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After attending the YALI leadership training at a Regional Leadership Center (RLC), YALI alumni are surveyed to determine the impact that training has had on their personal and professional development.

Pie chart showing 93%
Pie chart showing 72%
Pie chart showing 68%
Pie chart showing 73%
Pie chart showing 86%

of respondents report that their decision-making abilities increased

reported an increase in personal income

of women reported spending increased time on economic activities

reported their community engagement significantly increased

reported that YALI significantly impacted their roles in community work

Personal and Professional Transformation

Upon graduation, YALI Regional Leadership Center (RLC) alumni overwhelmingly report positive impacts on themselves as well as their businesses, careers, and communities. They report better decision making, higher incomes, increased revenues, and more opportunities as a result of the networks they have built.

Attending RLC Southern Africa enabled Henrica Makulu to meet and befriend Africans from all different backgrounds and together discuss the state and future of the African continent. Empowered and emboldened by her experiences from leadership training at the RLC, she is now working to address some of Africa’s most dire challenges, including ending discrimination against transgender people and advocating for the removal of value-added tax on sanitary wear.

“My greatest take away from YALI RLC Southern Africa...was that I should not apologize for being a leader. I used to cower away and “tone down” because people around me sometimes did not share the same passion or vision as me; however, that has since changed.”
-Henrica Makulu, Zimbabwe

The Multiplier Effect

The YALI story begins with its RLC alumni – the 20,000+ young leaders who have had an outstanding impact in their communities, creating the potential for catalytic change in every country in Africa. One of the most significant impacts of the program has been its multiplier effect resulting from alumni returning to their community, sharing their experiences, and living YALI’s values of community service, civic engagement, and ethical leadership. Through the multiplier effect, the RLCs are able to reach thousands more young people each year than training numbers demonstrate. For example, although it has only formally trained about 6,769 young African leaders, RLC West Africa, Accra estimates it has impacted nearly 300,000 African youth. In addition, RLC alumni are employing other young Africans. According to a survey conducted by RLC East Africa, alumni create an average of 2.75 jobs.

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Last updated: July 20, 2021

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