Information For Implementing Partners About USAID’s Plan For Returning to Optimal Operations Overseas

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The uncertainties caused by COVID-19 have understandably led to increased stress and anxiety among our staff, their families, and our partners. Despite these difficulties, the USAID community has demonstrated strength, focus, adaptability, and resilience.

The health and safety of the USAID community will always be our top priority. We are committed to being transparent and communicative in order to help relieve some of the stress caused by COVID-19 and the current global operating environment. This letter summarizes USAID’s phased-approach to return to optimal operations overseas.

Our Approach

USAID’s approach to returning to optimal operations overseas is incremental, conditions-based, and location-specific. It is not time-based. Each post will move through three phases of return, with each transition responsive to evolving data, information, and guidance from local authorities.

Ambassadors/Chiefs of Mission and USAID Mission Directors are partnering with the State Department's Management Bureau to make decisions on moving each post from Phase 0 to Phase 3. Medical and health conditions are the primary consideration factors, additional factors include: international school status; open airports and land borders; security; DPO and Pouch availability; and safe, clean Embassy facilities.

Each post will have its own approach to return. Staff, families, and our partners should expect the three phases of return generally to follow the patterns below:

Phase One

  • Official travel to post for USAID employees remains limited to mission-critical travel authorized by the Ambassador/Chief of Mission and the USAID Office of the Administrator. Travel by Eligible Family Members (EFMs) will not be considered mission-critical.

Phase Two

  • Official travel to post for USAID employees likely will be restricted to essential and limited non-essential travel authorized by the Ambassador/Chief of Mission and the cognizant regional USAID Assistant Administrator (AA).

Phase Three

  • Official travel to post for USAID employees and families returns to normal.

The Roadmap will evolve over time as new or updated information becomes available, and again, USAID is committed to maintain consistent and transparent communication with the USAID community as we navigate the return to optimal operations together.

For additional information, please review the following materials.

Resources on Reopening:

Resources on Evacuation

Last updated: May 21, 2020

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