USAID’s Development Information Solution (DIS)

The Development Information Solution (DIS) is an Agency-wide portfolio management system which harnesses the richness of USAID’s data and facilitates evidence-based decision making. 

Development Data Library (DDL), Performance Management, Budget Planning & Monitoring, Project Design & Acquisition and Assistance Planning, Portfolio Viewer & Reporting

Why Does USAID Need DIS?

DIS supports USAID’s work in complex and dynamic environments by combining data from different systems throughout the Agency and providing a comprehensive view of all development activities. This will free up Agency resources for analysis and application of knowledge, resulting in better development outcomes. Built with substantial input from stakeholders in USAID Missions around the world and in Washington, D.C., DIS is designed to align with operational processes and procedures, transforming USAID into a more agile organization better able to capitalize on development opportunities.

The DIS Pilot will first be accessible to the following Missions which formerly used the AIDTracker Plus (AT+) platform for reporting: El Salvador (bi-lateral and regional), Peru, Rwanda, Ethiopia, South Africa (bi-lateral and regional), Vietnam, and Nepal

*NOTE: Your usual points of contact at the Mission (i.e., Activity Managers, AORs/CORs) remain the authoritative figures when conducting any business with USAID, including changes incurred when using DIS.

World map highlighting El Salvador, Peru, South Africa, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Nepal and Vietnam

Key Functionalities and Benefits for Implementing Partners

Once fully deployed, implementing partners will have access to DIS through the Partner Portal where they can:

  • Monitor and view their activities
  • View indicator baselines and targets set by their AORs/CORs
  • Submit indicator results (actuals data/values) to the AOR/COR or Activity Manager after the reporting period has been opened
  • Leave comments regarding performance results
  • Submit photos or other documents as required 
  • Receive system-generated approvals from the AOR/COR
  • Access USAID’s Development Experience Clearinghouse (DEC) through an embedded hyperlink to submit contractually obligated documents
  • Access the Development Data Library (DDL) through an embedded hyperlink to access the data repository

Implementing partners will benefit from using DIS in the following ways: 

  • Increased Coordination Between Implementing Partners and USAID Staff: Streamlined indicator definitions and collection methodology, which will improve coordination between USAID’s operating units and implementing partners, reducing the risk of errors and inconsistencies. 
  • Improved Reporting Quality: Access to limited reporting capabilities coupled with performance monitoring and evaluation information. These capabilities will enable implementing partners to quickly flag and seek resolution on any inaccuracies or miscommunications. 
  • Improved Accountability: Improved accountability with time-stamps and historical records for submissions.

When information regarding access to DIS becomes available, it will be published here.

Last updated: January 31, 2020

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