How can your company help fight COVID-19 in Honduras?

Depending on the specific intervention, private sector assistance could take the form of: 

  • Expertise and skill sets (e.g., supply chain, data analytics, marketing/communications, technology and innovation) 
  • Use of company assets (e.g., locations for vaccinations, equipment)  
  • Collaboration with and/or funding of local or international organizations undertaking COVID response programs 
  • Provision of funding or donated items to government entities

Country-Specific Needs

Increasing Vaccine Access & Delivery

Vaccine Distribution, Planning, and Sites of Delivery 

  • Provide on-site vaccine delivery in workplaces and private pharmacies/clinics, in partnership with the Ministry of Health

Staffing, Training, and Administration

  • Incorporate proof of vaccinations into workplace policies and programs (e.g., recruitment, access to workplace premises, obtaining services)

Data and Monitoring

  • Work with the Ministry of Health and implementing partners to enhance existing national pandemic surveillance capabilities
  • Provide expertise to the Ministry of Health and implementing partners on data analytics and data collection to expand vaccine coverage

Incentives and Messaging

  • Support local private sector associations to increase their investments in and resources on demand generation for vaccines, leveraging their social media presence and networks
  • Work with local private sector associations to combat vaccine hesitancy and misinformation

Expanding Availability of Tests, Therapeutics, and/or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Supply Availability and Logistics

  • Advocate among the business community for increased market competition for the provision of liquid oxygen and tanks to public hospitals and clinics

For Honduras-specific questions, or to coordinate assistance, please contact the USAID/Honduras Mission: David Castellanos at; Andrew McCown at and please copy the COVID-19 Taskforce Private Sector Engagement team in Washington, DC at

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