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If you're interested in joining the Private Sector Engagement Team at USAID, see below for the latest position openings.

Level: GS-15
Closes: 9/30/19

The Supervisory Financial Management Specialist will supervise, coach, and mentor direct hire and contract employees, as well as fellows and interns/detailees. This position will perform the administrative and human resource management functions relative to the staff supervised.

This position will be responsible for establishing and maintaining working relationships with various high-level individuals such as senior Agency officials, executives of major corporations, members of Congress and senior members of the executive branch, senior US Government officials, senior officials within the Development Finance Corporation (DFC), senior officials of other donors in connection with developing and utilizing strategic partnerships to achieve Agency goals and US foreign policy objectives.

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Level: GS 13
Closes: 9/27/19

The Financial Management Specialist will promote rigorous, high-quality monitoring, evaluation, and learning approaches for Private Sector Engagement (PSE). This position will lead on extensive reporting related to USAID’s use of the Development Finance Corporation (DFC) tools and other non-DFC PSE activities; leverage required reporting to lead on all aspects of monitoring, evaluation, and learning and respond to information and data requests.

The candidate for this position will develop and update monitoring, evaluation, and learning tracking tools and guidance to facilitate and respond to information and data requests on all USAID Mission transactions with the DFC and to strengthen Agency understanding of results related to PSE approaches. The position will also support Missions and Operating Units in performance monitoring and transaction management to ensure financial and impact goals of DFC transactions and non-DFC PSE activities are met and documented.

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Level: GS 13
Closes: 9/20/19

The Financial Management Specialist will lead and advise on all accounting and budget tracking related to USAID funding related to the Development Finance Corporation (DFC), as well as related accounting and budget for the Private Sector Engagement team. The responsibilities will include providing support and advice on all budget-related matters to the AORs and A/AORs of the DFC agreement and other assistance and contracting mechanisms within the office.

The candidate for this position will oversee related allocation amounts from USAID operating units, ensuring expiration and cancelation of funds policies are met, tracking all obligated transactions in order to ensure they are modified and/or de-obligated for new transactions in line with funds expiration dates as appropriate. The position will also rack and disseminate information on programmatic budget by coordinating with M/CFO to track the availability of funds for both current funds and anticipated levels; Ensure oversight and quality control in congressional notifications and spend plan, in coordination with relevant offices.

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Washington Business Dynamics (WBD) is seeking Monitoring & Evaluation and Learning (MEL) candidates for the USAID Private Sector Engagement (PSE) Support Mechanism. The MEL Expert will provide leadership, management, and technical direction for the entire activity, with a focus on the Research, Reporting, and Analysis task. As part of the task, the MEL Expert will develop innovative private sector related indicators to capture the results of USAID’s PSE initiatives.

The position requires technical knowledge of USAID’s MEL requirements, experience developing PSE indicators, and knowledge of PSE Support Mechanism countries.

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Level: FSL-03
Closes: 9/18/19

The Bureau for Economic Growth, Education, and Environment (E3), Private Capital and Microenterprise (PCM), is seeking a Direct-Hire FSL-03 to serve as a Program Officer for the growing and dynamic private sector engagement portfolio. This Office addresses a broad range of issues related to private investment, capital market development, entrepreneurship and enterprise development, and financial inclusion. The Office also assists in the development, implementation, and evaluation of Agency policies, strategies, and programming that focus on leveraging private investment in support of both Agency and host country priorities.

By mobilizing private capital to priority programs and projects, the Office seeks to impact key economic factors that greatly reduce poverty and increase economic growth, such as: infrastructure and technology, capital markets, enterprise development, and job creation. Under USAID’s proposed reorganization, this position will be located in the future Private Sector Engagement (PSE) Hub, Bureau for Development, Democracy and Innovation (DDI), which will lead implementation of USAID’s Private Sector Engagement Policy published in December 2018.

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Last updated: September 18, 2019

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