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Did you know? We have many resources for partners—download these quick reference guides with essential terms and tips!

Work with USAID Reference Guide

Register to WORK WITH USAID: What you need to know

Tips for Working with USAID Implementers

Acronyms and Terms 

Branding and Marking 

5 “Ps” to Successful Partnership 

Responding to a Solicitation 


The Industry Liaison offers an open door to partners that want to connect with the Agency. They serve as a resource to provide organizations the information they need to work with us by responding to general requests and inviting feedback from vendors and other USAID stakeholders. We always welcome new partners—contact us.

Industry Liaison Resources

  • New to USAID? Download our quick reference [PDF 292K] about the Agency: Learn about how we invest our funds and how you can work with us.
  • Register to Work with USAID: All organizations receiving funding from the U.S. Government, including USAID, are required to secure a DUNS identification number, CAGE or NCAGE code, and registration in SAM, the System for Award Management. SAM is the U.S. Government’s portal for managing the processes for contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements. Registration in these systems is free, but it takes preparation and time to complete each registration correctly. Watch our video and download our quick reference to learn what to expect.
  • Audience Insights Summary ReportA summary of your feedback and our next steps to continue enhancing our resources for partners. [PDF 74K]
  • Industry Liaison Communications and Engagement Strategy [PDF 105K]
  • Doing Business with USAID 101
    Webinar recording
    Webinar slide deck [PDF 3 MB]
  • FY 2019 Progress Report
  • Memo about industry liaisons and U.S. Federal Agencies from the U.S. Office of Management and Budget.
  • Follow along for the latest news and other information from the Office of Acquisition and Assistance at @WorkWithUSAID.

We appreciate your questions and comments and invite you to contact our USAID Industry Liaison,  Matthew Johnson, communications director for the Office of Acquisition and Assistance.

We want to connect with you and help you better engage with USAID. If you’re a partner looking to connect with the Agency, send us a message to

Last updated: June 11, 2021

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