NextGen Global Health Supply Chain

The Bureau for Global Health’s Next Generation Global Health Supply Chain Suite of Programs (NextGen) supports the U.S. Government’s (USG) global health priorities to prevent child and maternal deaths; control the HIV/AIDS epidemic; eradicate malaria; and combat infectious diseases. NextGen will work to improve the capacity of global supply chains and enhance the ability of in-country supply chains and other pharmaceutical system capacities to support end-user delivery and ensure affordability and appropriate use for improved health outcomes. NextGen will:

  • drive client-centered supply chains to maximize product availability, quality, and affordability and achieve better health outcomes, and
  • advance the journey toward self-reliance and country-led procurement, supply chains, regulatory systems, pharmaceutical services, and other related functions.

More specifically, NextGen will

  • Segment supply chains to meet unique patient/population needs and product characteristics;
  • Accelerate utilization of private sector capabilities to improve supply chain efficiency and client experience;
  • Re-focus technical assistance to support governments’ shift from acting as supply chain operators to being stewards for commodity availability and security, relying on functional and efficient regulatory and oversight systems;
  • Increase visibility to the point of service to strengthen demand planning, optimize operations, and promote appropriate use of products by providers, pharmacists/dispensers, and consumers;
  • Use contract terms to incentivize performance of implementing partners; and
  • Proactively monitor and mitigate risks to ensuring supply of affordable, quality-assured, safe, and effective products to clients.

The NextGen design segments global procurement and logistics by health program and commodity category into four separate potential contracts. This acknowledges the unique requirements of the different USAID health programs and commodities and will build in a prudent redundancy. The design also consolidates health areas for functions where there is alignment in priorities and benefits from such consolidation. This includes quality assurance, in-country logistics, technical assistance, and control tower. Technical assistance (TA) award(s)will provide a comprehensive array of supply chain and pharmaceutical management technical assistance services.. The NextGen design also incorporates activities for enhanced risk management.

Further details about NextGen’s future awards may be found on USAID’s Business Forecast (keyword search “NextGen”).

Last updated: October 09, 2020

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