Types of Jobs at USAID

There are a wide range of jobs and opportunities available for individuals interested in working at USAID.

Direct Hire

Search USAJOBS for federal career opportunities and student internships.

Private Sector

There are several commercial mechanisms through which an individual can work for USAID.

  • Personal Services Contract: In this kind of contract the individual acts as a government employee in accordance with Federal Acquisition Rules (FAR part 37).
  • Purchase Order:  The individual provides merchandise or services to the agency
  • Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA):  These agreements serve as "charge accounts" through which the agency can acquire goods or services repeatedly. USAID anticipates BPA consultants needed in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and the Near East, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Europe and Eurasia. 

Local Employment

Foreign Service Nationals (FSNs) provide unique services in support of foreign policy at USAID missions worldwide, performing vital mission program and support functions.

Individuals interested in working at a specific post who are not host country nationals must be legally eligible to work in the country of hire.

Each USAID mission is responsible for their local recruitment. Please visit the country page of the mission you are interested in for job listings.

Review all requirements carefully before submitting an application.

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While a career at USAID is a unique experience, there are other ways you can work internationally and make a difference.

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Last updated: February 04, 2014

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