A&A Ombudsman Review Process

The Acquisition and Assistance (A&A) Ombudsman is the Agency official who is tasked with handling specific complaints policy and procedural as well as cross-cutting issues related to the acquisition and assistance process at USAID. Samples of the cross-cutting issues include non-responsiveness of the acquisition and assistance "system", consistent application of A&A policies, initial inquiries concerning potential conflicts of interest, procurement integrity, etc. Additionally, the A & A Ombudsman will play a substantive role in the A&A reform, business improvement process initiatives, Acquisition & Assistance training, outreach and "customer-access" and "customer-services" issues.

What should you expect the Ombudsman do: (not listed in order of importance)

  • Listen to your concerns or inquiry
  • Explore the facts of a given situation
  • Provide a contextual explanation of A&A regulations and policy
  • Complete an impartial review of the matter
  • Coach you on how to deal with the problem directly
  • Assist in achieving outcomes consistent with fairness and respectful treatment
  • Elevate matters to appropriate levels, when necessary
  • Hold confidential discussions

The Ombudsman does not:


  • Act as an advocate for either party
  • Provide assistance on matters that are in a formal appeals process, litigation, or enforcement action
  • Make management decisions regarding A&A proceedings or cross cutting issues
  • Change or mandate A&A policy
  • Determine legal rights or make binding decisions
  • Assist on matters outside of Ombudsman's jurisdiction


What should you do?

  • When feasible first try to solve the problem on your own
  • If you are unable to solve the problem or just need to discuss your concerns contact the Ombudsman, by e-mail or phone (preferably by e-mail).
  • When you contact the Ombudsman be prepared to
    • Explain pertinent facts/information
    • Describe the issues in a concise manner
    • Identify whether you desire confidential discussions and/or anonymity
    • Define your expectations and/or desired outcome
    • Provide relevant documentation, points of contact or other pertinent references that supports your position on the matter
    • Answer questions or provide additional information if required


For all other questions or suggestions regarding this Forecast, we can be reached at the following Internet address: Ombudsman@usaid.gov

Last updated: May 11, 2016

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