CIB 98-11

CIB 98-11: Determining a Market Value for Personal Services Contractors Hired Under Appendix D, Handbook 1

Subject Category:  Personal Services Contracts

This supersedes CIB 91-28 dated November 1, 1991. The intent of the previous CIB was to clarify the requirement that the Contracting Officer or the Executive Officer jointly determine with the Technical Officer the correct market value for each position to be filled and express that market value as a salary range. However, guidance on how to arrive at the salary range was not discussed in either CIB 91-28 or Appendix D of Handbook 14.

The attached Guide for Salary Class Determination of U.S. Personal Services Contractor Positions is provided for this purpose. It is designed to assist the user in determining a GS grade for the position being reviewed, a grade which will yield an appropriate salary range for use in searching for candidates. The GS grade represents the market value of the work to be performed, and the GS salary range represents agreement within the U.S. Government as to approximately what USAID should be paying to have that work accomplished. All contract files must be documented to indicate that a grade-level review was performed, and the results of that review.

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