CIB 97-17

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CIB 97-17: PSC's with U.S. Citizens or U.S. Resident Aliens

Subject Category:  Personal Services Contracts

The purpose of this Contract Information Bulletin is to provide new procedures for recruitment of off-shore U.S. PSC's as they may no longer be procured under the Class Justification formerly found attached to CIB 92-5.

Solicitation for off-shore U.S. PSC's must be publicized in the Agency's External Internet. The following attachments provide the necessary information: Attachment 1 is a solicitation letter; the format at Attachment 2 is an itemized listing of the information to be provided with each solicitation. Completed versions of Attachments 1 and 2 shall be sent to the M/OP/SPU Internet Coordinator (OIC) to be posted on the Internet for a minimum period of ten (10) working days. The OIC is the liaison between M/OP and M/IRM. Currently the M/OP/OIC is located in Room 1503, SA-14, phone (703) 875-1116, facsimile (703) 875-1519, and E-Mail address "OP-Internet_Coordinator@OP.B".

If the competitive procedure set out above is not followed, the Contracting Officer must prepare a deviation and a separate justification as required under AIDAR 706.302-70(c)(2).

Attachment 3 provides information that will be posted on the PSC site on the Internet so that applicants will be aware of the standard benefits and allowances.

Thursday, July 10, 1997 - 2:30pm

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