CIB 01-16

CIB 01-16: Clarification on Acquisition & Assistance (A&A) Automation Systems

Subject Category:  Miscellaneous

This CIB clarifies the policy regarding procurement automation and the use of official automated systems. When preparing or reporting on official A&A actions, all contracting activities shall use only the automated systems on the following list to electronically prepare and transact Agency procurements.

The reasons for mandatory use of these systems are STANDARDIZATION and CONSISTENCY in document preparation, execution and reporting. The systems together will provide us the capability to electronically report federal procurement data in a format consistent with federal standards, as well as comply with federal requirements for information dissemination of proposed contract actions and awards. If these automated systems are not used, then Agency procurement data cannot be accurately collected and reported.

Wednesday, August 29, 2001 - 11:00am

Last updated: April 09, 2014