CIB 01-10

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CIB 01-10: Revision of Medical Clearance Process - Personal Services Contracts ("PSCs") with U.S. Citizens

Subject Category:  Personal Services Contracts

This CIB revises the medical clearance process for personal services contracts with U.S. citizens (USPSCs) to work outside the United States. Such contracts are commonly referred to as "offshore USPSCs" or "internationally recruited USPSCs". Appendix D requires medical clearances for all offshore (internationally recruited) USPSCs, and their dependents, who will be at post for more than 60 days. The procedural guidance in this CIB, also applies to US citizens overseas with contracts funded under the Technical Advisers in AIDS and Child Survival (TAACS) authority.

Friday, April 13, 2001 - 1:45pm

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