Mervyn Farroe

Mervyn Farroe
Director, Center for Development Innovation

Mervyn Farroe is the Director of the Center for Development Innovation in USAID’s Global Development Lab. Previously, he served in Liberia as the Deputy Mission Director and Supervisory Program Officer.

At USAID/Kenya, he was the Supervisory Program Officer and Director of the Agriculture, Business and Environment Office at the same Mission. Since joining the Foreign Service in 2001, Mervyn has led USAID Program Offices in Mali, Angola, and Haiti. He also worked with USAID as a Personal Services Contractor in the Former Soviet Union and Rwanda, and as an Institutional Contractor in Washington, D.C.

Mervyn received an MSc. in Agriculture and Resource Economics from the University of Maryland at College Park and a BA in Economics from the George Washington University. He speaks French and Portuguese.

Last updated: April 25, 2019

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