Charles S. Pope

Charles S. Pope
Acting Deputy Assistant Administrator

Charles S. “Chuck” Pope currently serves as (Acting) Deputy Assistant Administrator in the Global Health Bureau leading policy, programs, planning, innovation and systems. He is a global leader of acquisitions and agreements, a commissioned Foreign Service Officer, a formerly warranted senior Contracting/Agreement Officer and a development professional with almost a quarter century of experience on four continents working for USAID, Peace Corps and an implementing partner.

He started his career overseas in Russia as a Peace Corps volunteer attached to Moscow City Administration (Zelenograd Prefecture) working on NGO development. Afterwards, he went to work for IREX in Central Asia on the State Department’s Internet Access and Training Program. IREX would later promote Chuck to Regional Director of the Caucasus overseeing all programs in the region.

Peace Corps subsequently hired him as Administrative Officer to restart the program in Uzbekistan, which had been closed following 9/11. The program would grow to become one of the largest Peace Corps posts, with Chuck also serving a stint as acting Country Director.

After his tour, Peace Corps put Chuck in charge of training new Administrative Officers for overseas assignment. During this time, he also served the agency as the Financial and Administrative Officer of the Hurricane Katrina Relief efforts, the historic deployment of Peace Corps domestically.

Chuck joined the Foreign Service in 2007 and has served in Moscow, Kabul, Dar Es Salaam and New Delhi. He is currently posted to DC directly supporting Effective Partnering and Procurement Reform and most recently served on the COVID-19 Task Force as Deputy Director of Acquisition and Assistance.

Prior to public service, Chuck grew up on his family’s farm in Kansas and was an accomplished athlete, winning collegiate national championships as both a player and a coach, and garnering all-American accolades at the junior college level before going on to start at Baylor University as center on the football team.

Last updated: June 25, 2020

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