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A young girl benefiting from USAID entrepreneurial activities in Dalanzadgad, Mongolia
A young girl benefiting from USAID entrepreneurial activities in Dalanzadgad, Mongolia.
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Economic growth is essential to achieve sustainable development. It is critical for creating livelihoods and fostering a sense of stability. As economies grow, so does a country’s ability to provide for the needs of its people – such as basic education, clean drinking water, and health care.

E3’s Office of Economic Policy (E3/EP) works closely with USAID missions and regional bureaus to ensure that country strategies and projects address key constraints to growth and maximize development returns. The Office also supports mission activities that improve domestic resource mobilization (DRM) and public financial management (PFM) in the countries where USAID operates. These activities are intended to help countries become self-sufficient and to take greater ownership of their own development agendas. 

The Office provides core training to Agency staff in economics and public financial management.  In addition, E3/EP manages a broad array of issues related to economics, such as the definition and measurement of poverty, and solutions for poverty alleviation.

E3’s Partners

E3 economists closely collaborate with economists and sector specialists in the missions, regional bureaus, and other parts of the Agency to integrate informed analysis and approaches into development strategies and project designs.  

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Last updated: September 14, 2018

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