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Kindergarten Director Natalya Shut shows-off the schools new heating system.
Kindergarten Director Natalya Shut shows-off the schools new heating system.
Courtesy of USAID's Municipal Heating Reform Project

USAID is a leader in efforts to decrease energy dependence and CO2 emissions in Ukraine by reducing waste and inefficiency in central heating systems. USAID is promoting public-private partnerships that attract private capital and incorporate management incentives to modernize deteriorating and outdated public infrastructure and public services.

USAID energy programs are working to improve Ukraine’s energy efficiency and reduce the country’s heavy dependence on imported energy resources. USAID is helping to reform the Ukrainian municipal heating sector, a large consumer of energy, by strengthening the legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks necessary to improve heating services. USAID is also helping implement measures to provide an effective social safety net to ensure affordable heat for vulnerable populations.

Current programs

Local Alternative Energy Solutions in Myrhorod
Municipal Development Institute
May 23, 2013 – May 22, 2015

The project will develop environmentally and economically sustainable energy solutions in Myrhorod rayon of Poltava region, increasing the use of locally available biomass from agricultural residues. The project will develop critical elements of the clean energy infrastructure for local economic development. This will increase economic opportunities in the market for locally produced biomass, reduce CO2 emissions and energy bills, and increase energy independence for the region. These objectives will be achieved by: introducing a supportive regional regulatory environment; developing the infrastructure for collection, treatment, storage of biomass; preparing and implementing a model biofuel boiler facility; and developing a Public Private Partnership framework for private sector driven expansion of biomass in Poltava.

Municipal Energy Reform Project (MERP)
International resources group Ltd. (IRG)
September 27, 2013 – September 29, 2017

The goal of the Municipal Energy Reform Program is to reduce and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in Ukraine resulting from the poor use of energy resources, which will lead to strengthened energy security and economic growth.

The Project will 1) support improvements in the clean energy regulatory and legislative enabling environment; 2) promote investment in clean energy technologies and applications; 3) provide capacity building training and awareness raising; 4) enhance the capacity of the Government of Ukraine in low emission development strategies.

Last updated: August 13, 2015

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