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Private Sector Development and Entrepreneurship

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USAID supports Business EdgeTM trainings that strengthen the management skills of small and medium enterprises.
USAID supports Business EdgeTM trainings that strengthen the management skills of small and medium enterprises.

USAID is supporting private sector development in Belarus by providing business training and informational support to current and future private sector actors, and promoting regulatory reforms aimed at improving the business environment, increasing opportunities for business, and developing business support organizations, partnerships and professional networks.

Current Activities

Belarus Entrepreneur Support and Training (BEST)

USAID, in partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), is working to improve the business environment in Belarus by increasing access to information and training, reducing regulatory burden and facilitating access to credit. The project’s activities focus on enhancing the capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Project objectives are:
1) improve the competitiveness of SMEs through training and better access to business information;
2) facilitate access to credit for SMEs by strengthening collateral laws and creating a collateral registry; and
3) simplify the regulatory restrictions affecting SMEs.

The project provides Business EdgeTM business and management trainings to SMEs through a Belarus local partner, Center for Business Communication, Bel.Biz. IFC’s Business Edge™ is a world-class training system aimed at improving the business performance and competitiveness of firms and creating jobs in developing countries. The project also improves access to business information and consulting for SMEs by supporting the expansion and sustained functioning of the Bel.Biz webportal.

Other project activities contribute to reducing the regulatory burden associated with permits, licenses, and other complex administrative procedures, which hinder business development.

The project supports the development of a functioning collateral registry system to improve access to quality collateral information for financial institutions and increase lending to trustworthy SMEs.

Local Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (LEED)

In September 2012, USAID mission in Belarus jointly with United Nations Development Program launched a multi-year project to support the growth and development of private micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) through local economic development strategies in eco-tourism, funding of competitively selected local initiatives, and private sector training and informational support. The LEED project aims to strengthen the private sector’s contribution to local economies by providing technical assistance and small grants for local initiatives in the eco-tourism industry to MSMEs, local and regional administrations and the general public and business community at large. 

Last updated: January 26, 2015

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