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Improved Social Services to Vulnerable Groups

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USAID Helps Wounded Children Find a Healing Family
A USAID project helped to move four-year Alex from a dysfunctional environment to a loving and caring foster family.

USAID assists disadvantaged groups such as orphans, vulnerable children and people with disabilities (PWDs), by broadening civic participation and strengthening the role of civil society organizations to support these vulnerable groups. USAID works to improve social services and to ensure the integration of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups into the broader society while also addressing discrimination and strengthening the capacities of PWD organizations and communities.

Current Activity

Community Services to Vulnerable Groups

The project supports the integration and participation of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in the country’s economic and social life through the development of sustainable community- and family-based social services.

A goal is to reduce the number of children in Belarus who are institutionalized in state-administered orphanages and boarding schools by promoting and supporting at-home family care.

Last updated: January 26, 2015

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