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Since 1999, USAID has supported the country’s transition to a market-oriented democracy and is helping to develop Belarusian civil society and communities. USAID has provided access to objective information, stimulated economic empowerment and helped protect vulnerable groups from such global challenges as trafficking in persons (TIP) and infectious diseases. To increase Belarusian exposure to the values of American democracy and enhance mutual understanding, USAID has facilitated international exchanges for Belarusian professionals, NGO leaders, entrepreneurs and public sector officials and brought American volunteers to Belarus to share best practices.

Support to civil society in Belarus has been among the key priorities for U.S. Government assistance programs. USAID has implemented civil society development programs in Belarus to build mature, sustainable organizations that can effectively partner with the government in solving current social and economic issues.

Today, USAID economic growth programs are focused on helping Belarus’ small and medium enterprise sector develop and compete effectively in the country’s nascent private sector. We are providing support to reform-minded business associations, business support infrastructure and private entrepreneurs. The Agency’s multi-faceted business education and training activities have demonstrated long-term impacts by assisting local business schools in adopting international standards of business education.

For more than 10 years, USAID has brought experienced American agricultural specialists to Belarus to share modern production techniques and other technical advances, which allow local farmers to improve agricultural productivity, enhance access to markets and increase incomes of private farms.

USAID helped thousands of Belarusians to increase access to advanced IT technologies and have free access to information through internet and other information technologies.

USAID has been providing continuous assistance to Belarus to reduce TIP and support victim protection activities to facilitate their reintegration into society and helped prevent child abuse and neglect, training biological and adoptive parents and service providers in proper child care. USAID has worked to move orphans and vulnerable children from institutions to families and supported people with disabilities in becoming more active socially and economically by promoting the development of community-based programs for the disabled while strenghtening the capacity of non-government organizations to advocate for the rights of the disabled in Belarus.

USAID has contributed to improving and protecting the health of families living in radiation-affected areas of Belarus by strengthened awareness of radiation-safe behaviors among residents in the Chernobyl zone, training health care providers in parental and child health in the low-dose radiation affected environment. USAID programs have helped improve the quality and effectiveness of TB prevention, diagnosis and treatment programs by training medical professionals and strengthening TB control systems.

Last updated: January 26, 2015

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