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Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance

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Strengthened rule of law and good governance

Albania has made many notable improvements in rule of law and governance in the last twenty years but the country has not been able to move forward with the momentum required to introduce strong and sustainable democratic institutions that form the bedrock of representative, stable, prosperous, and equitable societies. 

In order to strengthen the rule of law and promote good governance, USAID programs focus on improving planning, policy reform, enhancing citizen oversight and transparency, and upgrading performance and management capabilities in the judiciary, in local governments, and in the health sector.  USAID’s current rule of law program helps increase transparency and efficiency of the courts, strengthen the performance and watchdog role of civil society, and strengthen the skills of legal professionals.   USAID’s local governance project supports such local government functions as planning, improvement of local services, as well as strengthening capacities of 15 local governments in tax collection, financial management and public asset management. It also assists local governments in raising awareness of local government functions citizens rights and responsibilities and their participation in local decision making. 


Last updated: June 27, 2016

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