U.S. Government Global Nutrition Coordination Plan 2016-2021

The U.S. Government Global Nutrition Coordination Plan will strengthen the impact of the many diverse nutrition investments across the U.S. Government through better communication, collaboration, and linking research to program implementation. Through coordination mechanisms, the U.S. Government will maximize its support to country-led programs, continue its global leadership and partnerships, and generate, share, and apply knowledge and evidence in the nutrition sector in order to accelerate progress toward shared nutrition goals.

By identifying specific opportunities and mechanisms for coordination and collaboration across the U.S. Government, the U.S. Government Global Nutrition Coordination Plan will accelerate progress toward World Health Assembly nutrition targets and other U.S. Government global nutrition commitments. The Plan identifies six technical focus areas as primary but not exclusive opportunities for enhanced multiple agency coordination:

  1. Food fortification
  2. Nutrition information systems
  3. Food safety
  4. The first 1,000 days (pregnancy up to 2 years of age)
  5. Nutrition-related non-communicable diseases
  6. HIV and nutrition

Under each of these six technical focus areas, the U.S. Government will prioritize three approaches to improving coordination:

  1. Support country-led nutrition efforts.
  2. Promote leadership and partnership at the global level.
  3. Generate, share, and apply knowledge and evidence in a systematic fashion.

The Plan is a living document that will evolve based on U.S. Government achievements and changes in the nutrition landscape,
with intended updates at the end of the first 5-year period and as needed.

Annual Summary of Interagency Progress


The first annual summary report of the U.S. Government Nutrition Coordination Plan, covering June 2016 through September 2017, outlines accomplishments and challenges in this first year of implementation and reflects on how these results may inform priorities for future action. Since its release in June 2016, the Coordination Plan has resulted in improved cross-government coordination and collaboration on nutrition. 

The U.S. Government is committed to contributing to global nutrition targets, and the U.S. Government Global Nutrition Coordination Plan has strengthened this commitment. At the forefront of the Coordination Plan is the recognition that, as stewards of American investments, U.S. Government agencies must ensure that these investments are used in the most efficient and impactful way possible. By integrating each agency’s strengths into federally-funded nutrition activities, the Coordination Plan has helped agencies better leverage each other’s work and strengthen their collective accountability.

Last updated: June 08, 2018