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Innovation, Global Knowledge & Best Practices Grants.

The purpose of these grants is to increase global knowledge of pediatric eye care through innovation and the dissemination of information and best practices. Innovation grants are particularly tied to the Research Agenda and must demonstrate a clear connection between the project and a gap in technology, knowledge, or data as identified in the Agenda.

All applications under this category must demonstrate one or more of the following:

  • Innovation. Support the creation and discovery of new ways to solve problems that will have a significant impact on the elimination child blindness.
  • Knowledge Sharing.Activities focused on gathering and disseminating critical information and/or data regarding the delivery of services to enhance pediatric eye care.

Request for Applications

The grant application period is now closed.

For information regarding additional USAID funding opportunities, please click here.

CBP's Learning Innovation and Research Agenda


An young boy tries on different lenses with an optometrist.

To understand the topics driving CBP to achieve its goal to increase global knowledge of children's eye care, read the Research Agenda [PDF, 331KB].

CBP is working on a global level to serve children who are blind and visually impaired in ways that will have long-term, sustained impact. Examples include:

  • Training of thousands of teachers and health workers to screen children to maximize their educational attainment.
  • Organizing volunteer community leaders to find blind children, who are sometimes hidden away from society due to their disability.
  • Improving the capacity of local organizations and hospitals through technical and administrative collaborations.
  • Equipping hospitals, providing supplies and enabling the training of doctors, nurses, technicians and therapists for the blind.
An optometrist examines the site of a young girl.

Last updated: July 05, 2017

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