World Contraception Day 2013

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World Contraception Day

Currently, more than 222 million women in developing countries want to delay or avoid pregnancy but are not using a modern method of family planning. World Contraception Day , which takes place on September 26, 2013, draws attention to the importance of increasing access to contraceptive information and services for all who want them.

Every day, an estimated 800 women lose their lives due to pregnancy- or childbirth-related complications. By enabling women to delay pregnancy and space pregnancies at safe intervals, family planning could reduce maternal deaths by 30 percent and save the lives of more than 1.6 million children under 5 each year. When individuals or couples have the ability to choose the timing and spacing of their children, they are better equipped to provide for their family's well-being and invest more resources in the health and education of their children.

USAID programs and services are designed to protect individuals' rights to affordable, high quality family planning information, commodities and services as a means to improve their health and quality of life. As the world's largest bilateral donor of family planning, USAID is committed to meeting the reproductive health and family planning needs of women and men around the world. USAID supports Family Planning 2020 's goal to reach 120 million more women and girls in the world's poorest countries with access to voluntary family planning information, contraceptives and services by 2020.

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