Information Communication Technology for Development

Accelerating the deployment of accessible broadband telecommunications infrastructure to bridge the digital divide between urban and rural areas.

Global Broadband and Innovations Program (GBI)

The GBI program identifies opportunities to reduce costs and enhance program performance in all sectors through affordable access to broadband. The GBI approach is focused on broadband infrastructure rather than private, project-level solutions, to achieve sustainable and broader benefits to a wider range of beneficiaries at a lower cost.

With national governments:

  • National broadband plans
  • Investment in fundamental infrastructure (e.g. fiber backbone networks)
  • Universal service and access fund management
  • Strategic management of radio spectrum (e.g. best practice for TV “white spaces”)

With private-sector service providers and industry partners:

  • Low-cost rural network solutions powered by clean energy
  • Business models suitable for small-scale rural deployments
  • Innovative wireless networks and consumer devices

In concert with USAID Mission programs across all sectors:

  • Reduced service delivery costs (e.g. farm-to-supermarket supply chains)
  • Integrated systems (e.g. coordination among rural clinics, urban hospitals)
  • Rapid results (e.g. elections monitoring, field surveys)

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Last updated: September 23, 2016

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