Fall Armyworm Tech Prize

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Farmer Tazelekwew in southern Ethiopia in his maize field affected by the fall armyworm.
Farmer Tazelekwew in southern Ethiopia assesses his maize, which has been affected by the fall armyworm.
©FAO/Tamiru Legesse

The Problem

The Fall Armyworm is an invasive crop pest that is rapidly spreading across Africa, threatening maize harvests in particular, and food security more broadly. It stands to exacerbate global poverty and hunger. To control the spread of this pest and reduce the risk of a future humanitarian crisis, smallholder farmers need better access to timely, accurate and actionable information on how to treat and protect their crops. Learn more about it here.

Seeking Solutions

Feed the Future and its partners are looking for digital solutions that help identify and provide actionable information on how to treat the Fall Armyworm in Africa, considering countries’ policies and laws, as well as cultural context. We have two ways for you to get involved in supporting solutions that empower smallholder farmers to effectively manage the threat of Fall Armyworm.

Have a relevant innovation that could help? Click here to learn more about submitting your solution. We encourage innovators from around the world to apply!

Interested in supporting this effort? We are also seeking partners interested in providing financial, technical and other in-kind support. Email fallarmyworm@usaid.gov to connect with us.

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Last updated: February 05, 2018

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