Commodity Selection Resources

In addition to the Commodity Fact Sheets, Food for Peace provides the following resources to guide its partners in the selection and ordering of commodities for their food assistance programs:

Web-Based Supply Chain Management (WBSCM)

WBSCM is an integrated Internet-based food aid commodity acquisition, distribution, and tracking system used since 2011by USAID and USDA agencies, including the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS), Food and Nutrition Service (FNS), Farm Service Agency (FSA), and Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) to harmonize the USDA procurement process for food product purchases for international and domestic food assistance programs. 

Current FFP Commodity and Ocean Freight Price Estimates

Updated quarterly on the Implementation Tools page.

FFP Commodity Calculator

Updated quarterly on the Implementation Tools page. 

Storage and Handling

This document provides guidance on the storage, handling and shelf life of U.S. commodities. 

USDA Commodity Requirements Documents (CRD) Home Page

USDA-maintained list of all current CRDs

USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory Home Page

Searchable database; does not include fortified, blended foods or other products developed specifically for food assistance and humanitarian purposes.


FFP Policy on Updating and Revising the Commodity Reference Guide:

FFP will review the Commodity Reference Guide in its entirety at the end of each quarter of the fiscal year at which time updates and revisions will be made. Should you want to suggest any changes to be made please contact Greg Olson at or 202-712-1187.

Last updated: August 01, 2017

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