Fiscal Year 2015 Food for Peace Fact Sheet

In Fiscal Year (FY) 2015, USAID's Office Food for Peace reached approximately 48.8 million beneficiaries in 61 countries, including 41.1 million people with emergency assistance and 7.7 million people with development assistance.

Food for Peace provided approximately 1.05 million metric tons (MT) of Title II food aid valued at approximately $1.4 billion in 44 countries.

Food for Peace also awarded 47 EFSP grants in 27 countries through its IDA1 base funding of $175.3 million. It provided an additional 39 grants in 14 countries with $743.5 million IDA/Overseas Contingency Operation (OCO) funds. Lastly, FFP awarded 15 EFSP grants in 4 countries with $91 million in IDA funding provided for Ebola. Altogether in FY 2015, USAID provided 101 EFSP grants, totaling over $1 billion for work in 41 different countries. 

Type of Assistance Largest Programs
Emergency Food Aid (Title II) South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Chad
Emergency Food Security Program (IDA) Syria, Liberia, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia 
Development Food Aid (Title II) Ethiopia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, DRC
Total Food Assistance Syria, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia



Value ($ mil) Metric Tons Programs Countries

Development Food Assistance (Total)





Development Food Aid (Title II)2 $354.1 343,463 33 15
Community Development Funds (CDF) $80.0 -- 14 7

Emergency Food Assistance (Total)





International Food Relief Partnership (Title II) $10.7 2,408 20 17
Emergency Food Aid (Title II) $1,082.3 713,645 83 36
Enhanced 202(e) Funding for Local and Regional Procurement for Development and Emergency (Title II)   62,440    
Local and Regional Procurement (IDA, IDA/OCO, IDA/Ebola) $148.3 168,866 101 41
Local and Regional Procurement (IDA & IDA/OCO) for the Syria Regional Response3 $316.9 --
Food Vouchers (IDA, IDA/OCO, IDA/Ebola) $348.0 N/A
Cash Transfers for Food (IDA, IDA/OCO, IDA/Ebola) $129.9 N/A
Other (IDA, IDA/Ebola)4 $66.2 N/A

Total Food Assistance






[1] USAID International Disaster Assistance funds are provided to FFP as base funds (IDA), as Overseas Contingency Operation funds (IDA/OCO – used in exceptional circumstances), and in FY 2015 for Ebola (IDA/Ebola).

[2] A portion of FY 2015 development funding was obligated in the first quarter of FY 2016. This also includes about $9 million for FFP’s Technical and Operational Performance Support Program.

[3] The majority of local and regional procurement for the Syria regional crisis is provided through monthly food baskets.

[4] Other operations included twinning, resilience-building programs, agricultural vouchers, monitoring and evaluation, etc.

Last updated: December 27, 2016

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