Environmental Safeguard Guidance


Global Guidance for Environmental Management

●      USAID Global Sector Environmental Guidelines

●      Country-Level Tropical Forest and Biodiversity Analyses (FAA 118/119)

●      Searchable USAID Environmental Compliance Database


●      Programmatic Environmental Assessment (PEA) for Commodity Protection by Phosphine Fumigation in USAID Food Aid Programs 

●      PEA: Integrated Vector Management Programs for Malaria Vector Control PEA

●      OFDA GLOBAL P-lEE for Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets 

Environmental Health

●      USAID Fuel-Efficient Stove Programs in Humanitarian Settings

●      WHO Safe Management of Wastes from Health Care Activities

●      Global Environmental Facility: Needs Assessment for Hospitals in African Countries in Relation to Infectious Waste Treatment


●      Low –Volume Road Engineering

●      ASHA GLOBAL P-IEE for Construction and Commodity Procurement by American Schools and Hospitals Abroad

Disasters and Displaced Persons

●      Green Recovery and Reconstruction Toolkit (GRRT)

●      UNHCR Framework for Assessing, Monitoring and Evaluating the Environment in Refugee Related Operations (FRAME)- Environmental Indicator Framework

Climate Change

●      World Bank Country-level Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments

●      British Department for International Development and British Geological Survey Groundwater Resilience to Climate Change in Africa Research Project 


Last updated: December 06, 2013

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