USAID increases opportunities for young people, including vulnerable and marginalized youth, and helps them effectively engage in their communities. USAID provides youth with needed psychosocial support, life skills and leadership opportunities, as well as referrals to technical training and other support to build skills and generate income.

USAID is currently doing this through the following activity:

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Activity

$30 Million • Implemented by IREX • 2022-2027

The Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Activity enables TVET institutions to meet labor market demands and provide Palestinians with meaningful, well-paying employment and income-generating opportunities. The TVET Activity develops new technical training, and improves the quality of existing technical programs. These programs will support Palestinian career paths and link participants to employment opportunities, or help them start their own business, in increasingly in-demand technical sectors. The Activity increases TVET institutions’ responsiveness to the needs of the private sector and the effects of climate change; creates new partnerships between the TVET institutions and the private sector; and increases the number of skilled graduates. The TVET Activity works with around 12 TVET institutions to build their capacity and connect them with private sector employers. Approximately 2,230 students will benefit from new/modernized TVET training programs, and around 1,900 students expect to find employment upon graduation from the new/modernized TVET training programs. In addition, the TVET Activity will enhance career development services and mentorships at the targeted TVET institutions. This will benefit at least 400 females, enhancing their opportunities to find meaningful employment, and provide scholarships for 500 of the most marginalized youth to pursue technical training for employment and entrepreneurship.

Positive Youth Engagement (PYE) Activity

$25 million • Implemented by Mercy Corps • 2021-2026

Positive Youth Engagement (PYE) is a five-year multi-sectoral youth activity designed to address the core issues of Palestinian youth development. PYE supports 50,000 vulnerable and marginalized youth aged 10-19 with services that improve education, health, access to employment opportunities, and community involvement through: (1)  psychosocial, career guidance, life skills, and civic education activities; (2)  technical and vocational education and training (TVET) programs, internships, and entrepreneurship support; and (3) youth-led clubs and councils, community and social media advocacy campaigns, and mentorship opportunities.


Youth Empowerment