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USAID works with Palestinian ICT companies to help them link up with regional markets
USAID works with Palestinian ICT companies to help them link up with regional markets
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USAID  works to improve the lives of everyday Palestinian families by increasing economic opportunities. We assist Palestinian enterprises to create jobs, increase growth and stimulate economic opportunities in domestic and regional markets. USAID projects increase the availability of investment capital; develop an environment supportive of business growth; provide education and access to new technologies and management skills; improve the movement of people and cargo through crossing points between Israel and the West Bank and Gaza, while addressing security concerns; increase the competitiveness and export potential in key sectors; boost tax and customs revenue mobilization through fiscal reform; and help to eliminate regulatory constraints by developing partnerships between the private sector and the Palestinian Authority.

USAID economic growth projects include:

  • Completed infrastructure upgrades that allowed for the reopening of the Jalameh vehicle crossing in 2010, directly leading to an estimated $40 million increase in annual sales for Jenin and the northern West Bank during the following year.
  • Sponsored training sessions for Palestinian customs officers with Israeli and Jordanian experts that led to $40 million in improved revenue collections in 2011 compared to the previous year.
  • Provided on-the-job and formal training to nine partner banks on lending for small- and medium-sized enterprises that facilitated more than $44 million in lending from October 2011 to August 2012.
  • Helped Palestinian agribusiness companies to prepare for and participate at the International Fancy Food Fair, which resulted in sales and export of more than $5.3 million worth of Palestinian-made products, supporting more than 3,700 jobs.
  • Helped the Palestinian Monetary Authority to establish a Financial Follow-up Unit to monitor money-laundering activities and financial crimes within the Palestinian banking system.
  • Supported the introduction of the Known Trader program decreasing the amount of time required for participating companies to transit a key crossing between the southern West Bank and Israel by an average of 50 percent and  resulting in a $300,000 per month reduction of shipping costs for those companies.

Last updated: October 09, 2014

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