USAID Weekly - September 24, 2021

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Friday, September 24, 2021

President Biden addressed the UN General Assembly to affirm the U.S.'s commitment to work with allies to tackle the world's greatest challenges. He shared the Administration's commitment to using the power of aid to invest in new ways of lifting people up around the world. Administrator Power joined President Biden and world leaders to take bold action to save lives and end the pandemic now. Biden announced 500 million more Pfizer vaccines for countries in need, bringing our total to 1.1 billion vaccines, and $345 million additional support from USAID. USAID, with Transparency International, hosted a roundtable with leaders on the frontlines of anti-corruption efforts. USAID is committed to supporting civic actors who are essential partners in the global fight against corruption. At a meeting with Zambian President Hichilema, the Administrator announced $18.5 million to provide support to the Zambian people. Administrator Power addressed the UN High-Level Dialogue on Energy to share our commitment to expand global energy access. USAID is working to end energy poverty to unlock the productivity that fuels economic growth.

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Last updated: October 01, 2021

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