USAID Weekly - July 1, 2022

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Friday, July 1, 2022

Administrator Power traveled to Zambia & Malawi to see the impact Russia’s war on Ukraine is having on food security in the region. During her trip, she also underscored U.S. government support for democratic advancement in both countries. During the G7 Leaders’ Summit in Germany, President Biden pledged an additional $2.76 billion to fight the escalating global food security crisis. With this funding, USAID will provide direct food aid and combat high food, fuel, and fertilizer prices driven by Putin’s War. USAID announced nearly $55 million in humanitarian assistance to help survivors of the devastating earthquake in Afghanistan. The funding will help those affected meet critical needs, providing shelter, water, sanitation & hygiene supplies, and other relief items. USAID provided an additional $1.3 billion to help the Government of Ukraine continue operations and respond to critical needs. The funding will keep gas and electricity flowing to hospitals and schools and deliver essential services like healthcare, utilities, and education.

Administrator Power delivered a speech, “A Global Revolution of Dignity,” calling on the world to unite behind democracy. She shared how USAID is reinventing the playbook to fight corruption and strengthen global democracy. At a USAID-hosted food security event at the Summit of the Americas, Administrator Power announced $331 million to address food security. This new funding will meet immediate and long-term food security needs in the Latin America and the Caribbean region. USAID’s Anti-Corruption Task Force traveled to Madagascar to discuss USAID’s continued support for anti-corruption efforts. In one week, USAID’s humanitarian partners sent over 1,100 trucks to Tigray with essential items like food and medicine. As the humanitarian situation in Tigray remains dire, USAID and partners continue working to surge critical support.

Last updated: July 15, 2022

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