Remarks by Randy Flay, USAID, at the Symposium on Local Governance of the Institute for Legislative Studies

Thursday, January 10, 2013
Randy Flay of USAID speaks at the symposium in Can Tho.
Randy Flay of USAID speaks at the symposium in Can Tho.

CAN THO, January 10, 2013 -- It is a pleasure for me to join you today at the start of this important symposium on local governance. This two-day symposium is taking part at a critical time in Vietnam's strengthening of the role of local government. USAID is honored to play a small role in supporting this activity.

I would like to start by noting that I am very honored to work in Vietnam at a critical point in our countries' bilateral cooperation. Over the past 10 years we have seen a tremendous growth in economic cooperation, trade, educational exchange, science and technology cooperation, and other areas. I believe the symposium taking place today is another sign of that growing partnership.

Since the Legislative Research Program began more than a year ago, USAID has worked with the to strengthen the capacity to provide National Assembly members and staff with greater in-depth information and analysis on critical laws and policies.

This symposium is intended to share information and gather input for the deliberations of both the National Reform Commission and the National Assembly from national and international experts on local governance and decentralization, as well as hear the perspectives and experience from various People's Councils and People's Committees.

I hope the next two days brings an opportunity to share experience and best practices about local governance challenges and approaches to solving those challenges. Our hope is that these presentation and discussions will contribute to process underway to support the Constitutional reform process.

I would like to close by congratulating the work of ILS and the many National Assembly Members and representatives from various provinces contributing to the process of strengthening local governance. It is a complex task and the progress made is a result of your outstanding contributions, perseverance, and service.

I wish you every success in your discussions today.

Thank you.

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