Remarks by Acting Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator Jason Foley of USAID at the Launch of Vietnam Clean Energy Program

Tuesday, May 6, 2014
Acting Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator Jason Foley speaks at the launching ceremony.
Acting Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator Jason Foley speaks at the launching ceremony.
Photo: USAID/Vietnam.

HANOI, May 6, 2014 -- Thank you, to our partners in the Ministry of Construction for the opportunity to be here at the launch of the Vietnam Clean Energy Program as our example of the close partnership between the United States and Vietnam. I commend the Ministry of Construction in taking on this ambitious and forward-leaning effort. Greater energy efficiency is an important goal, not just in Vietnam but worldwide. This goal involves not simply the installation of efficient energy fixes, such as new light bulbs or installing double-paned windows, but the transformation of industries and the potential creation of a new service sector that can contribute to Vietnam’s enviable record of growth.  This is a goal worth the investment of our time and leadership.

Over the past decade Vietnam has experienced exponential economic growth. While this is an enviable position to be in, I understand there are serious concerns as to how the country is going to fuel this rapid expansion. By implementing a robust program to promote energy efficiency, the Ministry of Construction can have a meaningful effect on national rates of energy consumption and save significant amounts in power production to boost energy security.  Another significant impact is the lowering of growth in greenhouse gas emissions.

The Vietnam Clean Energy program was developed to change the patterns of energy consumption in the building sector and support the Ministry of Construction to bring Vietnam one step closer to achieving green growth through the building sector.

Effective achievement of this goal requires a keen understanding of behaviors and markets. It requires implementation of a policy that is adaptable to changing technologies, materials, and standards and applicable to a broad range of situations. It acknowledges the impacts of all sectors and leverages the participation of technical experts, the private sector, and government toward the common goal of energy efficiency.

I am glad to see such a fine turn-out here from the private sector, technical associations, other government ministries and the local departments.  Government is wise when it actively consults with the private sector in pursuing new policies.

The Vietnam Clean Energy Program is about making real strides toward green growth in Vietnam. Since the launch of our own Global Climate Change and Development Strategy in 2012, USAID has focused its climate change mitigation efforts globally on enhancing capacity to create and implement country-owned Low Emissions Development Strategies.  That same year, when Vietnam passed the national Green Growth Strategy, it became one of the first countries worldwide to have a fully drafted economy-wide plan for low emissions development. The Ministry of Planning and Investment recently launched the Green Growth Action Plan, bringing the country one step closer to implementing this far-reaching low emissions development strategy.

Our assistance in this area is at the heart of President Obama’s Global Climate Change Initiative and part of a larger focus for USAID’s global effort to address climate change in partnership with other countries. This vision mobilizes expertise of multiple U.S. agencies such as the U.S. Department of Energy and its National Labs which have been working with MOC for a few years now to promote sound energy efficient building solutions.

The entire U.S. Government is committed to supporting the implementation of the Vietnam Green Growth Strategy and with the launch of this Clean Energy Program together we are taking steps closer to achieving the country’s green growth goals.

USAID is thrilled to be working with such an active and engaged partner as the Ministry of Construction and to see the momentum that energy efficiency and green growth has in Vietnam.  USAID looks forward to our close working partnership over the coming years.                                      

Thank you.

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