USAID Revives HIV Outreach and Support as COVID-19 Lockdowns are Lifted

Speeches Shim

Friday, October 15, 2021

For the past five months, Vietnam has experienced a severe wave of COVID-19, particularly in the South, that has slowed down and limited the uptake of key HIV services. As Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi gradually re-open, private HIV clinics have begun to see an uptick in clients seeking HIV  services. Clinics are now actively contacting clients to restart on PrEP (HIV preventative medicine) for those who discontinued due to the lock-down. With restrictions easing on October 1, USAID-supported Tay Ninh Pride HIV services clinic contacted waitlisted clients to help them access testing and start PrEP (if negative) and treatment (if positive). USAID/PATH Healthy Markets project is also supporting partners – especially those in Dong Nai where COVID-19 restrictions remain strict – to maintain online counseling, communications, and home-delivery of HIV self-test kits and PrEP drugs.

USAID assistance is helping mitigate the lack of HIV services and treatments during the COVID-19 lockdowns, ensuring Vietnam remains on track to meet its commitment to end HIV by 2030.

Last updated: November 19, 2021

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