USAID builds stronger networks for environmental protection through a collective impact approach

Speeches Shim

Friday, April 29, 2022

USAID’s Reducing Pollution project promotes a collective impact approach to help address environmental pollution in Vietnam, bringing together communities, government, and businesses to work toward a common goal. From April 20-21, the Reducing Pollution team convened a Pause and Reflect workshop co-designed and co-facilitated with participants from leading local environmental organizations. A group of 45 representatives convened to share successes, challenges and lessons learned on key topics, such as working with local government counterparts and the private sector, engaging communities in collecting data via citizen science initiatives, and building sustainability in collective impact initiatives. By the end of the workshop, each organization had identified specific actions they could take to improve their collaborative pollution reduction efforts, such as taking lessons learned to develop new resource mobilization strategies, forming working groups to share monitoring approaches, and working together to learn how to better apply research findings to policy development and advocacy efforts.

Many local organizations are working on their own individual pollution reduction projects, but have not yet had a chance to learn from each other and build stronger networks between projects. USAID’s promotion of the collective impact framework provides opportunities to build a common agenda, creates channels for frequent communication, and empowers local actors to reduce environmental pollution. 

Last updated: July 25, 2022

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