USAID Collaborates with the Government of Vietnam (GVN) to Promote Post-COVID-19 Private Sector Recovery

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Friday, May 29, 2020
USAID/Vietnam Mission Director Michael Greene speaks at the conference.

On May 26, the USAID Linkages for Small and Medium Enterprises (LinkSME) project, the Vietnam Prime Minister’s Advisory Council for Administrative Procedure Reform (ACAPR) and the Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (VinaSME) organized a conference to discuss recommendations on regulatory reforms to support post-COVID-19 private sector recovery. Representatives from the private sector, GVN agencies, and other interested citizens from across the country attended, including over 300 in-person participants(*) in Hanoi and about 116,000 virtual attendees.

Over the last three months, USAID LinkSME supported ACAPR and VinaSME to conduct a survey to collect feedback from SMEs across Vietnam. The survey collected information on SMEs’ access to the GVN’s 62 trillion Vietnamese Dong ($2.6 billion) support package and recommendations for additional administrative procedural reforms. While initial findings were discussed at the event, USAID LinkSME will continue to collaborate with ACAPR and VinaSME to consolidate research findings and recommendations raised at the conference into a final report for policy makers. This report is intended to represent the voice of SMEs and facilitate practical and timely feedback from the SME community in the policy-making process.

So What? Gathering stakeholders, including GVN agencies and the private sector, to present findings and seek feedback on procedural reforms, helps policy makers develop effective and easy-to-access regulations and procedures that directly support the private sector’s recovery. It also promotes private sector-led growth in Vietnam and advances the Indo-Pacific vision of improved trade and competitiveness.

(*)Since Vietnam has largely controlled the COVID-19 epidemic, the GVN has lifted social distancing restrictions.

Last updated: May 29, 2020

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