Friday, July 22, 2022

With USAID’s assistance, Vietnam enacted its first public-private partnership (PPP) law in June 2020. In consultation with the private sector, USAID is supporting Vietnam’s operationalization of the PPP law into actionable and transparent regulations and policies. On July 13, USAID, in collaboration with the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, kicked off the first workshop in a series focused on a regulatory review of PPP. Approximately 100 people from the public and private sectors attended the workshop to review the impact of the PPP law on investment in, and legal impediments to, PPP, including conflicting rules and regulations that deter investors.

USAID is building Vietnam’s capacity to structure and implement blended finance projects, leveraging existing public funds to attract private sector investments. By strengthening Vietnam’s ability to attract private investors, Vietnam is better positioned to effectively manage its public resources, ensure quality services for citizens at fair market prices, and sustainably finance its own development.

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